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The personal stories were amazing and emotional! The knowledge was top class. It went above my expectations. They (students) will never forget this.

Ms Rigney, Lochaber High School, Arras Commemoration

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We have learned more on this trip than all previous trips to The Western Front put together. Excellent organisation. Will recommend this 'experience' to others.

Mr Ian Gourlay, WW1 Battlefields Experience

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Highly enjoyable and well planned (unlike many of the things we learned about!) First class presentation. Bibby's are brilliant!

Mr Roger X, WW1 Battlefields Experience

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We really felt we were taken back to a past time and learned a tremendous amount about The Great War from a brilliant guide, Bibby's was awesome too. Thanks Des and Chris.

Ms Fiona McPherson, WW1 Battlefields Experience

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This WW1 tour will ever be Held very special and close to me We've learned so much in one busy week Moved so much at times no-one could speak We laughed, sang and cried and made new friends Nations will be remembered to the end.

Ms Nikki Smith, WW1 Battlefields Experience

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Excellent experience, very informative, enjoyable and humbling. Great tour, great hotel, great pals. A 'cunning plan' expertly carried out. We plan to re-enlist! Thanks to Des and Chris. 'Keep the home fires burning'.

Mrs Liz Allan, WW1 Battlefields Experience

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Thanks so much, Jim, for this amazing trip and for helping me understand about The Great War. Thanks for some of the stories of the soldiers who fought there. You have definitely changed me.

Dominic, Edinburgh Academy, WW1 Battlefields Experience

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This last week has been truly amazing and it wouldn't have been possible without you, Jim, as 'Field Marshall'. Thanks for the unforgettable trip.

Chloe, Walton High, WW1 Battlefields Experience


What our customers think

"A very interesting and moving experience leaving us all with much to think about and remember."

The variety of the visits and the personal stories made it even more memorable. the supporting materials of appropriate videos, songs and information booklets made us realise that much thought and preparation and enthusiasm had gone into the planning and execution of our Battlefields experience. Thank you very much.

Mrs Shiela Allan, The WWI Battlefield Experience,

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