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Twenty years after the end of WW1, Europe was at war again.

Hitler’s early victories had led to the building of the Atlantic Wall to protect ‘Fortress Europe’.  However, it would not be enough. On 6 June 1944, the forces of the British Empire and USA breached the Wall on the beaches of Normandy - ‘Operation Overlord’ had been launched and the liberation of Europe from the dark rule of the Third Reich had begun.

Join our expert battlefield guides as they take you back in time to honour those whose determination was to lead ultimately to the defeat of Nazism and the overthrow of the Third Reich

• Visit Pegasus Bridge and St Mere Eglise, where the first airborne troops landed in the early hours of D Day
• Stand with respect at the grave of the first man to die in the battle
• Trace the footsteps of those who landed at Juno and Gold beaches
• Scale the cliffs above Bloody Omaha
• Lay a wreath to the fallen in Bayeux

The Longest Day – when the course of World War II was finally changed.  

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Itinerary, Rates and Schedule

Day 1: Departure

  • Depart Waterloo Place, Edinburgh 10am. 
  • Coach to Hull for overnight ferry to Zeebrugge
  • Cabin, dinner and breakfast provided.

Day 2:

  • Arrive at Zeebrugge approx 9am.
  • Drive to Mercure Hotel, Caen.

Day 3: The Eastern Beaches

  • Visits to: Pegasus Bridge and Museum, Ranville Cemetery, Sword beach.

Day 4: The Central Beaches

  • Visit to: Juno Beach, Gold Beach, Bayeux.

Day 5: The Western Beaches

  • Visits to: German Cemetery, La Cambe, St Mere Eglise, Pointe du Hoc, American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, Bayeux British Cemetery.

Day 6: Return

  • Drive to Zeebrugge for overnight ferry to Hull. Cabin, dinner and breakfast included.

Day 7

  • Arrive Hull 9am.
  • Arrive Edinburgh approx. 3pm


  • A trained, experienced Mercat Tours International guide
  • All transport to and from departure point
  • All accommodation 
  • Dinner, breakfast and packed lunch options
  • Free entry to all museums and sites on the itinerary

Tour Rates

We are in the process of scheduling our next D Day Landings. If you would like to be notified about our upcoming World War II Experience, get in touch.

What our customers think

"A very interesting and moving experience leaving us all with much to think about and remember."

The variety of the visits and the personal stories made it even more memorable. the supporting materials of appropriate videos, songs and information booklets made us realise that much thought and preparation and enthusiasm had gone into the planning and execution of our Battlefields experience. Thank you very much.

Mrs Shiela Allan, The WWI Battlefield Experience,

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