Mercat Tours International promises to provide your school with a first class learning experience.  

Let our passionate guides bring 20th-century European history to life and take your pupils on a journey through events that continue to shape the world that we live in today.

Why choose Mercat Tours International?

• Your guide will take full responsibility for all of the teaching on your tour. Many of our guides are passionate former teachers, and all of them are carefully trained to understand the importance of making this a truly memorable learning experience.

• A carefully integrated programme of music, drama, archive film and documents will take your class into the world of the past.  As a result they will not only be walking in the footsteps of those who lived through these events. They will also get a taste of their experiences.

• Every day ends with an opportunity for the class to evaluate their day - to record their responses and feelings about what they have witnessed.  This gives them an invaluable account of their experiences which can also be used back in the classroom.

• We make every effort to ensure that the tour is tailored to the needs of your group.  Content and approach are adapted to suit different ages and abilities and we can be flexible to the needs of particular schools.  For example, we encourage pupils to research any local or family links so that we can tailor our programme accordingly.

• We provide all the practical support for your tour.  The price includes all travel, accommodation, meals, entrance fees and resources as well as a pre-tour information evening for parents.

Mercat Tours International prides itself on providing a genuinely high-quality learning experience - when schools come with us once, they come back again! 

What our customers think

"A very interesting and moving experience leaving us all with much to think about and remember."

The variety of the visits and the personal stories made it even more memorable. the supporting materials of appropriate videos, songs and information booklets made us realise that much thought and preparation and enthusiasm had gone into the planning and execution of our Battlefields experience. Thank you very much.

Mrs Shiela Allan, The WWI Battlefield Experience,

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